Pronounced “you-soul.” Copywriter with a focus in digital and interactive experiences.

I write to express, not impress.  

It’s important to never write off “stupid” ideas. That stupid idea can grow up to be a smart one.

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2018 Silver Cannes Lion for Digital Craft: Innovative Use of Technology
2018 One Show Merit Innovation in Interactive / Experiential
2018 One Show Merit Integrated Digital & Physical Product
2018 Silver Clio Entertainment in Games: Innovation
2018 Gold Clio Entertainment in Digital / Mobile
Destiny 2 has a massive video game universe, which can cause new players to feel intimidated and overwhelmed.

We found that voice technology has become more and more prevalent, simplifying people’s lives in useful and magical ways. 

So we brought Destiny 2’s in-game guide character “Ghost,” to life with an Amazon Alexa Skill and Physical Product. 

You'll find countless pictures of cats, food, and selfies on Instagram. I use Instagram in a different way.

Satiregram shows the true colors behind that black & white photo of a cat, it unfilters those filtered photos of food, and it forces you to face yourself every time you take a selfie. 

The Shorty Award-nominated Satiregram reveals the “uncurated self” behind social media culture.

2016 Shorty Award Nomination for Best Parody Account

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LOREM IPSUM, CA.          2018