Born and raised in Stockton, CA. Euzcil is a writer of words, music, and a tiny bit of code.

10 years in music composition in various genres from indie, trap, to symphonic black metal.
9 years playing guitar, bass, drums, and piano.
8 years of English & Literature education.
7 years in the education field—Tutor, High School English Teacher, and Adjunct Instructor.
6 A.A. degrees ranging from English, Social & Behavioral Sciences, to Humanities.
5 years running a world-renowned Instagram  account @satiregram.
4 years as an advertising copywriter.
3 years running another Instagram @champagnefoggy, that Drake follows.
2 publications—as a contributor, and poet.
1 B.A. in English from the University of Pacific. Flubber was filmed there.
0 workplace injuries.

Shoot me a loaded email: satiregram@gmail.com
LOREM IPSUM, CA.          2017