Activision - Amazon Alexa Ghost Skill

2018 Silver Cannes Lion for Digital Craft: Innovative Use of Technology

2018 One Show Merit Innovation in Interactive / Experiential

2018 One Show Merit Integrated Digital & Physical Product

2018 Silver Clio Entertainment in Games: Innovation

2018 Gold Clio Entertainment in Digital / Mobile


Bringing video games into the smart home with the most immersive gaming companion ever made.

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Destiny 2’s massive video game universe can cause new players to feel intimidated and overwhelmed.

Voice technology has become more prevalent, simplifying people’s lives in useful and magical ways.

Bring Destiny 2’s in-game guide “Ghost,” to life inside your home with an Amazon Alexa Skill and Physical Product.

An unprecedented Alexa Skill:
— The first Alexa Skill that works with a live video game
— Pulls from live game data to deliver custom advice
— Millions of possible responses
— Voiced by the in-game actor, Nolan North

Sample utterances and responses:

Player: “Alexa, ask Ghost to equip my favorite energy weapon.”

Ghost: “Time to do some damage. Your favorite energy weapon is equipped.”


Player: “Alexa, tell Ghost to entertain me.”

“I get kind of jealous whenever I see you Guardians opening up loot caches. The sense of wonder and excitement of not knowing what's inside! I get the same feeling when I'm decrypting Golden Age machinery, but still. Loot is cooler.“
I lead the writing team to concept and produce thousands of responses in the tone of the character “Ghost,” to make the Alexa Skill as immersive as possible.

We also created educational materials to help players—new and old—to learn how to use the Alexa Skill. 

LOREM IPSUM, CA.          2017