College students today are using Facebook less frequently because it wasn’t offering any useful or engaging experiences for them. Facebook Campus became an important initiative to better serve college students with a space they could each call their own.

In partnership with cross-functional (XFN) teams—all working 100% remotely—we shaped a cohesive creative vision that directly guided the product experience, integrated campaign, and brand for Facebook Campus.

Also excited and proud to be an official inventor as our patent for this product has recently published:https://patents.justia.com/patent/20220337543 


We designed Facebook Campus as a separate space on Facebook for college students to connect with each other, find what they have in common, network, and navigate college life together. It features a student directory, school-exclusive Groups and Events, and a college-only newsfeed. Each school has their own Campus “instance,” so no two Campus communities will be alike. 

“Your Campus, Anywhere” tells the story of bringing the college life experience and feeling of the campus quad directly to students. College can be anywhere students are. COVID-19 meant many students would likely be at home. We leveraged 300+ student ambassadors, student leaders, brand partnerships, and relevant influencers to organically spread awareness and drive virality to reach student networks with shareable content.


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Instagram Handle @facebookcampus

Influencer Content

We penned an internal brand manifesto to ground the efforts of Creative X, Creative Systems, Visual Systems, Business Affairs, Product Marketing, Content Strategy, Product Management, Data Science, Engineering, Buck Design, Jam3, and our directors.

Congratulations! It is with great pleasure I offer you admission to Campus.
Here, you’re more than a student. You’re an explorer.
Anxious… but in control.
You’re off to new places, to meet new faces, and shape your journey.
You’ll meet other explorers from all over. They’ll speak different languages,
think different thoughts—some will scare you, while others may teach you.
Sooner or later, you’ll find and feel it’s more than school.
It’s home away from home. It’s a place to help you find your place,
find your thing, and find your people.
It’s a world without an ‘off’ switch, where you always should expect
the unexpected.
It’s where uncharted territory can be found with a passing ‘hello’ or
random question.
Where dreams are shared and realized together.
Where today’s best classmates may become tomorrow’s best friends.
Oh, the places you’ll go… and the Campus that helped take you there.

In close collaboration with Buck Design, we established a visual language for the Facebook Campus brand. From stickers, GIFs, Instagram Story templates, in-product visuals, to our films.