No matter where you are on your health journey and whatever you aspire to be, Oura serves as your personal daily health guide.

Since our audience may be at different points in their personal health journey, we developed a 10-film campaign designed to meet them where they are. Ranging from managing stress, increasing energy, increasing productivity, boosting athletic performance to enhancing focus — each spot highlights exactly what Oura can do for people.
ACD/copywriter in collaboration with our production partner Near Future.

Managing Stress - “Hold Please”

Boosting Athletic Performance - “Rested Development”

Increasing Energy - “Snooze You Win”

Enhancing Focus - “In the Now”

Increasing Productivity - “Barely Lunchtime”

Managing Stress - “Purrfection”

Boosting Athletic Performance - “Miles Ahead”

Increasing Energy - “Daily Grind”

Enhancing Focus - “On Point”

Increasing Productivity - “Power Sleep”