Lunar New Year is a 15-day festival celebrated by East Asia and Asian-Americans. But for many Americans, it hasn’t quite reached the appeal that Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick’s day have achieved. As a cultural ambassador and leader in American Chinese dining experiences, Panda Express wanted to formally welcome everyone to this colorful celebration.

We saw that it was a challenge to educate the masses about the many traditions that Lunar New Year has to offer. We needed to create something that was appealing and gave people a reason to share, while still maintaining the magic and essence of the holiday.
A 5-room, 6-day experiential event. A multi-sensory installation—from sights, smells, and sounds—enticing guests to learn more about different Lunar New Year traditions.

The Room of Luck - Attendees stand on podiums that trigger a wind tunnel filled with red envelopes.

The Room of Longevity - A long hallway with hundreds of noodles that can be pulled and hooked onto opposite walls—creating an ever-changing, dynamic environment.

The Room of Happiness - A confetti-filled room with a lion head and playable traditional Chinese drums.

The Room of Prosperity - A sea of larger-than-life mandarin oranges.

The Room of Hope - An infinity room of lit lanterns inviting people to participate in the tradition of sending a wish.

Each room featured a video or audio clip from people from the Chinese American community sharing their personal Lunar New Year stories to entertain and educate.